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Everyday consumers all over the world experience the pleasure of smooth, crisp writing with unique color saturation of JoWo nibs.

JoWo Berliner Schreibfeder GmbH’s origins date back 1852. Playing a major role in the writing instruments industry, the company saw its facilities destroyed in the 1940s, literally rising from the ashes in post war years. The fall of the iron curtain in the late 1990s allowed JoWo to regain momentum and occupy a leading position in the global production of fountain pen nibs, an industry that has experienced an impressive growth in recent years, despite the widespread use of technological devices and new forms of communication.

Known for their quality and for being designed and produced in Germany, JoWo products are chosen by many of the most loved fountain pens brand in the world, if you are a fountain pen enthusiast, you are likely to already have used pens with JoWo nibs.

At Jowoshop.com you will find a wide and exciting range of products. We invite you to upgrade your everyday writing experience, bring back to life a pen that you have not been using, or simply allow yourself to enjoy even more the unique pleasure of writing with nibs of different shapes and sizes.